6x6 Rides
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Camo Max II Accessorized by Maximum Off-Road!
Four Stroke Conversion Project
Old Max Price List From 1991
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The first day of December brought the biggest snow Missouri has seen in over ten years! Click Here!
Argo on TV!
The Argo Avenger 8x8 is featured on BJ Outdoors on Fox Sports channel!
See the Argo in action HERE!
Big Air! Max jump from 1997
Hauling deer out of the swamps in Louisiana with a Bigfoot bought from Maximum Off-Road. Click HERE!
Alaska Max adventure and bear hunt!
Alaska Max adventure and bear hunt!
A Kansas owner's Argo Avenger EFI fully loaded with custom Wetlands camo seat covers. CLICK HERE
Max II with 24" Argo Frontier tires!
Excellent water speed with a soft ride!
Pics and Video - Click Here
Max II with 24" Frontier tires + Video!
Amphibs In Action
Badlands 6x6 Ride - September 2012
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Wyoming Snow Ride!
Badlands 6x6 Ride
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